How to Repair Painted Ikea Furniture

Everyone knows Ikea is cheap. Cheap as in price and quality. Sometimes the low prices are too difficult for me to resist. Which is why I have the Ikea Micke desk in white. I think I bought it over two years ago and it’s served its time well. I’ve even successfully DIY’d it.

But, in one of its many moves it became damaged. I think I taped the drawer shut using packing tape. When the tape was ripped off, a brown spot of particle board was revealed. I didn’t even try to paint it because I figured since the surface of the desk is so glossy it wouldn’t look right. So I just let it sit that way for a few years. Haha.

Finally I decided to give painting the spot a shot. I used Rustoleum white high luster lacquer spray paint from Home Depot.


I didn’t even bother hauling Mickey outside to be painted. Who knows what that means for my brain cells. Brain seems fine. *twitch*

I slid a piece of computer paper into the drawer partway since the spot I was painting was at the very edge. Then I sprayed the paint ever so lightly and allowed the spot to fully dry for a few minutes.



This is how I held the paper to protect the parts of the desk I didn’t want to paint:


Then I hit replay with another extremely light coat.




And my final coat. That’s four coats, and I felt like it was done.


You can only tell the spot was ever damaged if you know where to look. I could’ve done another coat probably, but I think I got distracted by a more exciting project. I hope this helps anyone with scuffed up or damaged Ikea furniture! Some might think repairing Ikea furniture is ridiculous, but we cheap folk tend to disagree.

5 thoughts on “How to Repair Painted Ikea Furniture

  1. Thanks for the post ! I also use Micke desk, also white, and have paint peeled-off as the result of duck-tape. I can’t find your “Rustoleum white high luster lacquer spray paint” here in Australia. How did you know that this particular product will go well with the desk before actually trying?

    • Hey, Robert! (I almost just called you Robot. Accident. It just came out of my fingers that way.) Anyway, I didn’t know for sure! A. I figured what do I have to lose? It already looks like crap. B. Look for anything sort of glossy. Those are your keywords…lacquer, luster, glossy. Since the finish is high gloss, those are the types of spray paints that will work. If you want, leave a comment with the choices your faced with down under and I will help you pick! Sorry for the delay in my response.

  2. Laila says:

    I have the same problem with my ikea desk, except that the damaged area is much smaller. Still, it was very annoying. I followed your suggestion and bought the spray from Amazon. But I sprayed into a cup and used a q-tip to dab the paint on the damaged area, as the spray would have covered more area than I needed. Now it looks like a white bump that’s slightly darker than the rest of the desk. Although it’s still noticeable, it’s not as irritating as the brown particle board was. This will do for now until I find some stickers for my desk, lol. Thanks for the tip.

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